Susans kajakk

Feedback from Susan Ellcome, Skottland

Susan Ellcome attended a kayak building course in Vestfossen in the summer of 2006. She writes:
I just wanted to write and thank you very much for  such a fantastic Greenland kayak building course. You are an excellent teacher, and I so enjoyed every minute of the course, and really learnt a great deal about the design and making of these amazing water craft, and felt very happy making my kayak. They are really fascinating and very beautiful, and I can't wait to try mine out. Vestfossen is certainly a lovely place to live, and I really enjoyed my time in Norway. Also, everyone on the course were so pleasant,  helpful and accommodating, 
especially with putting up with the constant English translating. But particularly, I wanted to thank you for being so patient and making  sure I understood every step. I think it was a great achievement that everybody finished their craft - it is all very exciting.
Best wishes Sue

Dear Anders,
I have orderded a tuilik from Canada, but it hasn't arrived yet, and  I haven't quite finished my paddle, however, with six coats of paint  (very thin!) on the hull and three on the deck, I finally decided it was time to launch my kayak yesterday in Loch Lomond.
Duncan Winning came along with some other friends and we enjoyed a great day out.
I think you will agree, the kayak looks beautiful thanks to all your help, and it felt really great to paddle and very comfortable. It was a little tippy when the wind came up from the side and there were also some small waves  from the side, but I managed to stay dry, and I am sure it will help my paddling skills.
Susan paddeling
It was a very grey day so the photos are not that wonderful, but I will send you some more when I go out again on a sunny day, and hopefully get some better photos.

Bye for now and thanks again.
All best wishes, Sue.

PS Have the others all launched their kayaks yet?


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