Feedback from Dan Steinbakk, Tromsø

I picked up my kayak yesterday! It exceeded all expectations! :) A wonderful boat and wonderful handiwork! And the paddles! The laminated paddle with initials is one of the most beautiful things I've seen! What first struck me was "this isn't for use, it should be framed and hung up on a wall!" Today it was time for the maiden voyage. I was somewhat skeptical, as I'm used to the Seabird Expedition, but the new boat washed away all my doubts! What a boat! It was like putting on a shoe that was specially tailored for me. Total contact with the boat; I felt at one with the sea.. :

Completely indescribable! And what a stability! I actually thought it was more stable than the seabird, but I think that's because I have a much better connection with the new boat than the seabird. It responded to my every thought, and had unbelievably good speed. I felt that it veered a bit to the right, but discovered that this was because of how I was paddling. New to the Greenland paddle as I am, I had to concentrate to paddle straight. But that was soon in the bag too!

I also got some wind and swells coming in from the side, but it felt like the kayak was made just for such conditions. I felt safe all the time! Then it was time to test the rolling capability of the kayak. Since I've only managed a kayak roll ONCE before (half the roll, really, not a 360-degree, if you know what I mean), and that was in the seabird, I had second thoughts. I did a wet exit first, to make sure I could get out of the kayak if everything went to H#ll.. It went well, even though the boat had felt tight when I "put it on" earlier. Then it was rolling time. I put the paddle to the side, and pressed my face and chest to the deck. Then I went around. (I used swimming goggles to see where the paddle was, as I haven't paddled with a Greenland paddle before). The rest was pure magic! I don't think I used a single "hip twist" muscle, I just pulled the paddle out, leaned backward on the deck, and I was up again in a trice! INCREDIBLY EASILY ROLLED!! :D It was my first "complete" roll (360), and it worked like a charm the first time! I took a breath, and rolled twice more while I was at it, I did! :D What a boat!

When I got back ashore, I had to sit down and look at the boat for a while, admiring the lines and the craftsmanship. Like a work of art. And that's what it is, Anders. A work of art. A proof of traditions, and a reliable person, with skills regular people can only dream about who built this work of art. The Seabird is just a spare boat now. Never again fiberglass. I've found my niche in paddling.

Thanks a million, Anders :)

Hi again Anders!

I was on a ocean paddling/technique course in Senja this weekend, and used the South Greenland kayak and Greenland paddle the whole time there. It worked perfectly! The instructor even stood on my poop deck while I performed support strokes! Incredibly tough boat! I've now tried the boat in fairly messy seas, with waves, current and reflected waves all at once. It behaved marvelously. I also tried self-rescue, with the Greenland paddle and storm paddle as outriggers. After some practice, it worked like nobody's business! Completely unbelievable! :D


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