Paddle video and technique

Here I post video that illustrates paddle- and safety technique. So far, there is not much to show, but I'm planning a lot of new rolling video as soon as the water is clear of ice!

Paddling Norway 2011

Some shots from the great adventure. We used Gopro and Canon S95 for these shots!

Baidarka paddling 2011

A small glimpse of the joy of baidarka paddling - watch and enjoy!

Rolling practice October 2009

A small example of a video made with my Olympus Mju 8000, attatched to the foredeck of my red rolling kayak. Just for fun, and to explore the camera's possibilities.

First video ever

First paddle video made with my brand new Nikon Coolpix. Top of the line in 2001 with possibility of 40 seconds Quicktime movie shooting. I demonstrate self rescue in Alex's new built baidarka. The shoot unfortunately ends when the clip has lasted 40 seconds!

Courses 2019!

The course calendar has been updated. Check out this year's kayak building classes:here

Kayak building in the USA

From Autumn 2017, Delmarwa USA: Here:

Baidarka paddling

A video clip from summer of 2011's great baidarka adventure:here

Baidarka building

A video from a kayak building class in Vestfossen, Norway:here

New pages!

New, and well illustrated presentation of our beautiful new paddle types! More.

Traditional kayaking article

Jeff Allens article from Ocean Paddler:Les her: