Models and prices

Classic Greenland paddle

Klassisk grønlandsåre

This is the bestseller among all our paddles through the years, and not without reason! It's good, versatile, beautiful, lightweight, and has a reasonable price. It's made from prime knotfree spruce from Hadeland, which is laminated, planed, polished and treated at our workship in Vestfossen. Standard lengths are 210, 215, 220, 225, 230 and 235 cm (6' 11" to 7' 9"), but custom lengths are also available. The weight is usually around 850 grams (30 ounces).
Price:     NOK 2.590,-

Reinforced Greenland paddle

Forsterket grønlandsåre

If you're looking for a jewel, or an extra robust Greenland paddle, this is it. The paddle is made from knotfree spruce, laminated with dark oak on the edges and at the ends, for extra durability and that special look. Otherwise the measurements are the same as on our all-time bestseller, the classic Greenland paddle. Fixed lengths are 210, 220 and 230 cm. (6' 11" to 7' 7".) The weight is usually around 950 grams (34 ounces). This model is changed - new description and pictures in the web shop.
Price:     NOK 3.190,-

Storm paddle/spare paddle

Grønlandsk stormåre

Storm paddle is the name for a mini version of the classic Greenland paddle. The paddle is short, with a short shaft. When paddling, you change your grip with every stroke, which minimizes the paddle's wind exposure and keeps your hands warm. It may sound tiring, but works well in practice. Many people use this paddle as a spare, since it can lie neatly on the foredeck of any sea kayak - ready for use if you get tired, or as an outrigger, or if the worst happens and someone loses their paddle. The lengths are 180, 190 or 200 cm (5' 11" to 6' 7"), and the weight is usually only 600 grams (21 ounces)!
Price:     NOK 2.290,-

Greenland paddle special

Grønlandsåre spesial

The classic Greenland paddle now also comes in an exclusive model, laminated with different woods. We mainly use spruce and black alder - two woods with low weight and high contrast. The design is the same proven one, and the weight as low as ever. Regular lengths are 210, 220 and 230 cm (6' 11" to 7' 7"), but custom lengths can also be ordered.The weight is usually around 850 grams (30 ounces).This model is changed - new description and pictures in the web shop.
Price:     NOK 3.760,-

Children's paddle


Children who are learning to become good paddlers will benefit from a customized Greenland paddle as their first paddle. The Greenland paddle is intuitively easy to understand, and the children will quickly learn effective propulsion, steering strokes and support strokes. A properly customized Greenland paddle is less demanding for small bodies - children will paddle further and not tire as quickly. The children's paddles should at the outset be longer than adult paddles relative to body size. The blades on the paddle are very narrow, which results in a paddle with suitable water friction, while also filling its other role as a balance pole. When ordering a children's paddle, add about 40 cm (1' 4") to the length xx you'd use for an adult. Children's paddles are available in sizes 180, 190, 200, 210 and 220 cm (5'11" to 7'3"). Weight about 600 grams (21 ounces).
Price:     NOK 1.980,-,-

Aleutian paddle


If you're looking for a versatile paddle for kayak trips, with a slightly different look, this is a good choice. This type of paddle is known from the best kayakers in history - the inhabitatants of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. The paddle is similar in many ways to the Greenland paddle, but is not symmetrical, and the blades are doubly concave with a distinct spine. Available in sizes 210, 215, 220, 225, 230 and 235 cm (6' 11" to 7' 9"). Weight around 900 grams (32 ounces).
Price:     NOK 2.990,-

Aleut, long distance

Aleut tur

This paddle is identical to the Aleutian with the exception that the shaft is gently curved, so that the blades are oriented slightly forwards when you paddle. Curved paddles are known from several locations in the Arctic. The curve allows you to plant the paddle into the water further forwards, making the strokes longer and more effective. The paddle is thus specialized for propulsion. As with all the traditional paddles, this one is comfortable to use and subjects your body to minimal strain. Definitely a good paddle for longer voyages. Length and weight as the classic Aleut.
Price:     NOK 2.990,-

Common traits

Made of 100% Norwegian wood in Norway, under strict health and safety regulations.

Low weight.

Surface treatment with pure linseed oil.

The paddle tip is reinforced with oak and clear epoxy to last a lifetime.


The end of the paddle is subject to wear. As of November 2010 we have started including reinforced tips in all models. The tip has a hardwood core and is treated with clear epoxy.


This burn mark is Anders Thygesen's signature. The logo consists of the letters AT shaped like a wave. It shows that the paddle is handmade - by Anders' hands!

Customization and orders

Since every paddle is handmade, it's easy to make changes or add details, so that the paddle becomes even more perfect for the specific customer. Below you will find additional options when ordering your paddle. Costs for modifications are provided in the online shop, where you order the paddle.

Paddle protector

Protects the paddle against dust and mud, and protects the car against saltwater and sand after the trip. A simple protector in red cotton, which holds one or two paddles.


Wood coloring

If you want a darker color than the usual light spruce, you can choose a different stain, with light brown, brown or dark brown pigment. Other colors on request. Picture: Brown stain.


Hvite epoxy

By mixing pigments into the epoxy-reinforced tip, you get a paddle that looks more like the original Greenland paddles, which had reinforcements made from bone.

hvit åretupp

Printing a logo or text

With the help of a modern printer it's now possible to add black and white text or drawings to wood or other substances. Send a text or image file of the right size by e-mail, and it can adorn your paddle for ever. Photographs are not suitable, as the result tends to be coarse. A varnish finish is recommended.



Initials on the paddle can be made in several ways. I usually use reindeer horn, and embed them into the woodwork. This works best on reinforced Greenland paddles because of the contrast between dark wood and light horn. A varnish finish is recommended.


Furthermore you can choose a varnish finish instead of the usual oil-treated surface, special sizes, and more. Go to the online shop to find prices:online shop Then send an e-mail with your order. Note that the prices include 25% VAT. The VAT is subtracted for export orders. Typical Freight cost for 1-2 paddles from Noway to any European country is 300,- NOK. Wire transfer is the usual method of payment.


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