Can I take a construction course without being especially good at handiwork?

Yes. Everything will probably go well even if you have two left hands. It's easier if you're used to working with woodworking tools, as this will mean that there are fewer things that you will have to learn during the course.

I've had several course participants who had almost never used woodcraft tools before, and they built good kayaks. Few of those who take courses here are professional craftsmen. Most of them spend their days in front of computers, and I have yet to see one of them leave without a functional kayak.

How many participants are required to arrange a kayak construction course?

Normally there is no lower limit, but there are a few financial considerations. The price indications listed on these pages are for a full course with 7-8 participants. The price increases if there are fewer participants, but if one is willing to pay a small fee, it's easy to arrange courses for small groups.

Will I be able to build my own kayaks after a single course?

Hard to tell. Most people are satisfied with a single kayak, but some have built several on their own after a course. I am happy to supply materials and good advice for those who want to build their own. See Trond Magne Movik's reference on the references page.referanser.


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